How can your company benefit from the usage of visualised data

The attention span nowadays decreased to 8 seconds on average, that’s about 2 seconds less than a goldfishe. So we could say that it’s really difficult to capture somebody’s attention. The good news for today’s forward-looking companies is, that there are new trends and marketing tools at our disposal. The usage of visualised information such as infographics are the new hot thing.

So how do they work exactly?

Its is well known that the human brain is attracted to pictures, it’s enough to think about our ancestors… They used pictures for communication, as well as documenting history. But what happens today? Fortune 500 companies are spending serious money for research relating to psychologic effect of colours on marketing.

You decided that you want to add this cool new tool to your arsenal in the warfare of communication, but you don’t know how to do an infographic design? There are plenty of free tools online, however you can also turn to a professional infographics agency, who will take care of everything for you. The design process is only one thing, but you also have to do data research and content creation which involves a lot of creative thinking.

What kind of infographic format is the best for you?

There are plenty of formats out there, static, interactive, animated. The possibilities are endless. If you would like to explain your product or service to a wide variety of customers for example, you could also use explainer videos to do so. The styles are pretty wide here as well, life action, animated, white board etc., whatever fits your companies style the best.

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